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"It does have a very nice post shave feel. You can feel the quality of those ingredients, how well balanced it is. I would absolutely recommend it."

- The Majestic Shaver via YouTube

"Performance was top notch; super easy to get insane lather, and

great cushion and slickness."

 - @gentlemens.gear via Instagram

"Overall impression of the soap was that it was a well made soap with quality

ingredients that made my face feel smooth and relaxed afterwards."

 - gvw755 on badgerandblade.com​

"Very slick right away and lathers quickly. The post shave is just as perfect.

It gives a light clean and fresh feeling and my skin feels noticeably

smoother and improved. I highly, highly recommend this soap to those

who haven't tried it yet."

- @nate.wetshaves via Instagram

"Hawaiian Shaving Company has a nice thick lather that feels good on your skin."

 - TheBaldNation via Twitter

"The coconut, kukui nut, and essential oils really leave your face feeling good after the shave."

- Imi review at BullGoose Shaving Supplies

"Love this soap."

- @vix_ale via Instagram

Lather Up With Aloha™​


Hawaiian Shaving Company is Veteran

and Native Hawaiian owned and operated.

​​​​​Hawaiian Shaving Company